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Paradise Pools of Iowa swimming pool construction in Iowa.

Constructing your dream pool into reality! We build in the entire state of Iowa!

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Our Construction

Our pools are first dug with a commercial excavator. We then  construct  either steel or polymer paneling. Then we shape the pool walls and level the entire pool. From that point we install braces and deck supports and then concrete them into place with frost footings. This ensures our pool is 100% accurate to design. Then we are able to complete the plumbing, electrical, concrete, liner install, back fill, and finish concrete! We are passionate about this process and strive to work with our customers to guide and answer any and all questions during the entire construction process.

How We Work

At Paradise Pools of Iowa, we deliver an exceptional experience of quality to our customers. Our designs and builds are carefully constructed to meet each and every single want or need.

A Great Investment

This is an investment in you and your paradise! You will enjoy recreational and social benefits! Financially, home owners generally see a higher resale value on their home. The investment of an in ground pool varies from person to person, but Paradise Pools of Iowa will construct this dream investment into your own reality!


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